Troop 174

Calendar 2006

(Paul M.'s Eagle Project)

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  January 2006
    This month BSA-registered adults pay $11 for annual BSA registration ($10 reg., $1 insurance) and optionally $12 for annual Boys' Life magazine to the Troop Treasurer, check payable to "BSA Troop 174."
    Print Out: Citizenship in the World requirements and Scout work booklet.  Peter H. will start class soon.
    Print Out: Space Exploration Merit Badge materials (3 MB) on the password-protected pages.
    Themes: Klondike Skills and Wilderness Survival.
    Knot: Taut Line Hitch, Boy Scout Handbook p. 37, at Folsoms.
    Patrol Running the 2nd Monday's Meeting: Venture.
    New First Class Requirement: Jan. 2006 - "Tell someone who is eligible to join Boy Scouts, or an inactive Boy Scout, about your troop's activities.  Invite him to a troop outing, activity, service project or meeting.  Tell him how to join, or encourage the inactive Boy Scout to become active." See Advancement.

 February 2006
    Themes: Special Cooking.
    Knot: Figure 8 at 42ndBrighton, MyNetPlace, and Tollesburysc.
    Patrol Running the 3rd Monday's Meeting: Dragon.

 March 2006
    Theme: Low impact camping and backpacking.
    Knot: Quick-release Mooring Knot.
    Patrol Running the 3rd Monday's Meeting: Scorpion.
    See some familiar names in the Mar.-Apr. Scouting Magazine article on anger management.

 April 2006

 May 2006

 June 2006

 July 2006

 August 2006

 September 2006

 October 2006
    Activity: Nature.
    Add recipes to the Troop Cookbook Fundraiser.

 November 2006
    Activity: Knots and Lashings: Animated Knots for each Scout Rank.  Other animated knot pages.
    Merit Badge: Family Life (page includes links to worksheets).
    Add recipes to the Troop Cookbook Fundraiser by Nov. 12.

 December 2006
    Activity: First Aid. Red Cross Guidelines.
    Add recipes to the Troop Cookbook Fundraiser by Feb. 1.
    For gifts to troops consider helmet upgrade, phone card, newly released movies, nuts, granola.

Boy Scout Troop 174, Yorktown, NY.