Troop 174

Roderick K's Eagle Scout Project
Kiosk and trail construction
Hunterbrook Linear Park, Yorktown
May 1, Aug. 2, 5, 12, 2006


May 1, 2006


Aug. 2, 2006


Aug. 5, 2006


Aug. 12, 2006


Project Description

My eagle project will be constructing a kiosk and a trail at Hunter Brook Linear Park.

The park is located off of Hunter Brook Road on Beekman court. The kiosk will contain information such as the park's hours, contact information,  park rules and a map of the area . It will also contain warnings about the dangers of Lyme disease and how to prevent ticks.

The kiosk will be built at the beginning of the trail. It will look similar to those at Sylvin Glen Park and Turkey Mountain. This kiosk will be a wooden structure, large enough for one person and it will have a message board protected from the elements with Plexiglas, it will have a shingled roof and it will have a replaceable message board.

Currently there is an incomplete trail on site. I will be constructing the northern part of the new trail.

My plan is to remove the invasive plants, such as bitter sweet, grape vine, poison ivy, barberry and Virginia creeper by cutting them at ground level and again at head level. I will be doing trail definition and erosion control which will consist of putting in fallen logs and rocks, along with other natural resources on the hill and in the stream beds where the trail will be going.

Along with the construction of the project I will be doing tick awareness and poison ivy, poison oak and poison sumac education.

Groups to Benefit from this Project

The people/ residents of Yorktown and Westchester County  will benefit from this project by having another park with trails to enjoy and visit.

Project Details

There is no kiosk at Hunter Brook Linear Park right now. The foundation of the kiosk will be 4 holes dug approximately 42” deep with the 4”x 6” post set in and a bag of concrete dry poured around the post (the ground water will set the concrete)  with dirt and rocks filled in around them up to ground level .  Cut  in between the post will be a piece of 4”x6” to stabilize the ground inside the kiosk .While the top half of the kiosk will constructed at another site and brought to the park in sections to be completely installed. This will be done due to the fact that to get materials and equipment to the site where the kiosk is to be constructed it is quite a distance from the road and there is no access with a vehicle.

The second part of my project will be to construct/ define a trail on the property. To do this I will be using the bigger trees that have fallen on the property on the down hill side of the trail to help stem trail erosion and to define the direction of the trail. On the uphill side of the trail I will be using smaller trees and rocks. The trail will be approximately 4 feet wide. On the steeper sections of the trail there will be erosion control bars dug into the trail with rocks and or logs on an angle to direct the direction of the water run of so as to control the erosion from storm water.

Also involved in the trail construction I will have to contend with various stream crossings and run off crossings to do this I will consult with Mr. Schroeder from Yorktown Parks and recreation department to come up with the best  way to accomplish this task that will be acceptable and long lasting

The town of Yorktown will be supplying all the materials for the project

My project’s volunteers will be scouts, their parents and friends.

My father will be my adult technical advisor to explain the details of constructing the kiosk and to be at my project to advise if any problems come up.

I estimate that my project will take 300 man hours on the trail, and 56 man hours on the construction of the kiosk.

-- Roderick K.
Photos by Margaret L., James L., and Lauren G.

Boy Scout Troop 174, Yorktown, NY.