Troop 174

Summer Camp
July 7-20, 2002


- Photos by Jackson P.



- Photos by Margaret L.

Camp Report from Jackson P., July 14, 2002

Hello all,

Thought I’d give a very brief account of the first week at Camp Read.

It went very well  and I think all the boys had a good time.  I know Margaret L., Barbara C. and I (Jack P.) did.  Excellent weather with only a couple of brief showers.  Very few bugs.   I think everybody would agree that the food was excellent, and not just in comparison to other camps.  As long as Joe the cook is there Camp Read is not a good place to go to lose weight.

The boys worked hard on their merit badges and Dan Beard requirements.  They ended up with 68 completed.  There was a staffing problem so not all boys were able to take the Swimming badge or Shotgun.

Tim B., Dan M. and Justin P., along with parents Dan M. Sr., and Rob. B. (plus Dale S. and a guide had a great five day canoe trek.  Went about 50 miles up Long Lake, into the Raquette River and then to Tupper Lake.  Tired and dirty at the end, but happy.

Congratulations to Joe P and Mike S, who both earned the Eagle Claw Award, a new award this year.  They earned it by completing three  tasks in each of six areas;  Econ, Handicraft, Camp Wide, Scout Craft, Shooting Sports and Waterfront.  They are to be particularly congratulated because of the initiative they had to show in accomplishing the tasks.  It was strictly voluntary on their part, and they had to provide all the motivation.

Also congratulation to Joe P and Mike S. for earning the Polar Bear Badge by going on early morning swims on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. No small feat since morning temperatures were in the 40’s during the latter part of our week.

Some of the special events enjoyed by the boys included whitewater rafting on the Sacandaga River, the horse trail ride, climbing on the indoor rock wall, and the zipline.

Mike S. kept a journal in camp.  He has graciously allowed a couple of quotes from it.

 “At meals…. we do the nose method.  The last person to pat their finger on their nose refilled the drink jug.  The meals are good. “

“The staff hunt was when the staff hid in the woods and people had to find them and dunk them in the waterfront.  Each [staff] member was a certain number of points.  Want to know my score?  Zero!”


“We headed up the road for Summit Base.  After checking in the sandy beach and tower already there.  Each person climbed the tower and pulled in the bicycle-like handles.  Using the attached rope we gripped on, slid down the track, and plunged into the refreshing lake.”

-- Jackson P.

Boy Scout Troop 174, Yorktown, NY.