Troop 174

Manitoga District Webelos Klondike
Organized and Run by Troop 174
With Venturing Crew 2279 Tarrytown
Feb. 23, 2002


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Letter to the Editor

The Journal News
Tuesday, February 26, 2002
page 6B

"Yorktown Boy Scouts deserving of praise"

"Recently, it feels like most of the news we get is bad news.  The considerations of our modern life are more serious, more dangerous and more nerve-wracking than just a few months ago.  The moral questions that test us, test our leaders and will test our future generations have risen above what seemed so important a year ago.

That is why I found it so reassuring this past weekend when the Boy Scouts of Troop 174 in Yorktown planned, hosted and succeeded in presenting a program for younger boys to learn safety, first aid, teamwork, self-reliance and emergency preparedness.  I was not familiar with Troop 174 prior to Saturday, but these young men made a memorable impression on me.  I realized that day that moral qualities and admirable traits are not full-grown trees that we can buy in adulthood.  Rather, these are seeds that must be planted in youth, tended through the years and watched grow over decades.

These young men gave their time for other younger boys.  They were not competing for trophies or plaques -- they were just taking the time to teach younger children.  They are fertile ground that will serve their communities well in the future.  That is good news."

William H. Schulz

Photos by James L.

Boy Scout Troop 174, Yorktown, NY.