Troop 174

Council Camp-O-Ree
May 21, 2004


The Council Camp-O-Ree happens once about every four years.  Scoutmaster Long organized this one.  In the first picture the cannon was used to tell us when to change events.  Even though the cannon was small it was heard throughout the camp.

My patrol in the second picture was waiting at its first station, rappelling, which was not set up until we had twenty minutes left.  Our next station was visiting the Army, Navy, and Airforce displays.  The Marines could not set up their display because they got a flat tire.  The Airforce had a van with a custom Airforce "into the blue" paint job and a plasma screen and stereo system worth at least seven-thousand dollars.  The Army had a humvee and other Army equipment, for example a gas mask.  Our next station had many scout-oriented activities, such as a quiz on firemaking that Rick K. ran and a knot-tying station that Dan M. ran.  Our patrol went to the waterfront station and somehow did not notice nor participate the canoeing.  Many scouts from our troop played Ultimate Frisbee after the activities.

The Hawks had tacos for supper and cookies were left out for dessert.  The other patrols had barbaque chicken and steak.

A religous ceremony was held after supper and a rock concert was held after that.  This Camp-O-Ree's theme was based on the board game Clue.  Patrols were given different suspects and they had to decide who killed Mr. Brody.  The answer was that Mrs. White killed Mr. Brody.

Thomas L.
Troop Historian

Photos by Thomas L. and James L.

Boy Scout Troop 174, Yorktown, NY.