Troop 174

Boy Scout Klondike
Jan. 31, 2004


The Boy Scout Klondike was held in approximatly 9 inches of snow, and it was about 25 degrees F.  Our troop had three sleds but ended up with two, a sled with two patrols and the Scorpians' sled.  The third sled had only three people left to man it, because in the middle of the event people got tired of trudging through the snow and started to leave, so the sled merged with another one of our sleds and created the sled with two patrols.  Troop 174 hosted the group snowshoeing station.  Most scout's lunch was mostly instant soup, hot cocoa, and various types of bread.

Thomas L.
Troop Historian

Photos by Thomas L.

Boy Scout Troop 174, Yorktown, NY.