Troop 174

Backpacking Equipment Recommendations

Following is a list of suggested equipment for backpacking with Troop 174. Each scout (or parent) that goes on a backpacking trip with Troop 174 must come to a regular troop meeting with a fully equipment backpack (except food) and be checked out by a senior scout or adult leader before participating in a backpacking trip. This is only done once but applies to both scouts and parents.

The items listed in bold are considered mandatory and are required for the backpack check unless noted as optional. The details following each item are intended only as guidelines. Individual budgets, preferences and situations should guide you in selecting the appropriate equipment. If you canít buy an item on the list, see an adult leader and they will find out if you can borrow one from someone else. It is more important to just get something you can afford and come out and have fun however. Troop 174 has several skilled backpackers that can help you with equipment selection, trip preparation and planning. Donít be afraid to ask.

Each scout and adult will be assigned (by the hike leader) troop equipment at trailhead to carry during the backpack. You are responsible for the equipment you are assigned and must turn in at the end of the trip or when you are instructed to do so.

Troop equipment includes

Pots, Tents, ax and saws, stoves, fuel, ropes and maps as required.

General rules


Sleeping Bag

Ground pad

Ground Cloth or Space Blanket


First Aid Kit






Mess Kit

Rain Gear

Flashlight or Headlight





- Ben C., Mar. 7, 2006
Clip art from Scout Image.

Boy Scout Troop 174, Yorktown, NY.