Troop 174

Troop Cookbook Fundraiser


The object of this project would be to create a camp cookbook from recipes provide by troop 174 and its friends.

Concepts and Methodology

Here are the steps that will need to be taken to get this going:


Chairpersons to manage the project.
Committee members to work on;


Choose committee 9/20/06-9/30/06
Distribute login recipe entry information to the troop and its families 9/29/06
Have recipe entry complete by 10/12/06
Have artwork selected 10/9/06
Proof cook book 10/13/06
Send out for printing 10/16/06.
Receive books for delivery 12/16/06


The approximate cost to print the book will be $ 3.30-3.50 per book. I propose that we keep the book to 150 recipes or less. We should print 200 at a cost of $660.00-700.00. We should sell the books for $10.00 for a total of $ 2000.00 this would net approximately $ 1,300.00 in profits. There are 3% extra books printed at no charge which would yield an additional $ 60.00.

One nice thing about this once the initial work is done this is easy to edit and create future cookbooks or simply order more if they sell well.

Payment is due 90 days post delivery for non profits i.e.: BSA

Background Information

Morris cook books   use this site to read about fundraising cook books.

To Enter A Recipe

Login to recipe entry page  go to login link and type
Contributor: Your Name
Group login: troop174
Contributor password: 2t95q

Clip art from Scout Image.

Boy Scout Troop 174, Yorktown, NY.