Troop 174

Calendar 2002

(Webelos Klondike, Feb. 2002)
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 January 2002

 February 2002

  March 2002

  April 2002  Theme: Personal Management (Resource links and worksheets: PDFandMS Word)

  May 2002  Theme: First Aid.  Personal Management (Resource links and worksheets: PDF and MS Word)

  June 2002  Theme: First Aid

  July 2002..Summer Camp

  August 2002 Totem Pole: This month: carving, wood preserving, and painting.

  September 2002 This fall: work on National Honor Patrol Award

 October 2002  Theme: Plumbing

 November 2002  Theme: Plumbing

 December 2002  Themes: Would have been Citizenship in the Nation / World or Tracking if had time.

Boy Scout Troop 174, Yorktown, NY.