Manitoga District 2002 Spring Event -- Draft Mar. 19, 2002

Theme:       Wilderness Survival

Date:           April 19-21

Location:     Clear Lake Scout Reservation

Hosted by: Troop 49 Ossining

This camp out will give scouts of all ranks an opportunity to share their knowledge and to learn more about wilderness survival. There will be eight stations that relate to wilderness survival, each patrol will be graded at each station on a scale of one through ten. Bonus points will also be available throughout the weekend

Fire Building

1. There will be two strings above the fire ring, the first will be two feet off the ground, the second three feet from the ground. The wood from the built fire can not exceed the two-foot string.

2. Each patrol has 20 minutes to complete the station. Approximately 10 minutes for gathering the wood, 5 minutes for building the fire and 5 minutes for the fire to burn.

3. Time each team from when they light their first match, till the time the high rope is melted or burnt through.

4. Once the fire is lit no more wood or other materials can be added


· Scout spirit 2 points                                                       ______________

· Burns through low rope  2 points*                                 ______________

· Burns through high rope 3 points*                                 ______________

· Used no matches 2 points                                              _______________

· Used less than three matches  1 point                            _______________

*      If both strings are burnt through they get 5points

**No lighters, homemade or store bought fire starters can be used


Each patrol must build two different examples or demonstrate two ways to signal for help.


· Scout spirit 2 points                                                    _______________

· First built or explained correctly 4 points                    _______________

· Second built or explained correctly 4 points                 ____________

· Station time is 20 minutes if they are done in that time frame grade them accordingly.

Shelter Building

Scouts must build a shelter that fits 2 big scouts comfortably


· Scout spirit 2 points                          ____________

· Location 2 points*                             ____________

· Stability 2 points                                ____________

· Element proof 2 points**                  ____________

· Creativeness 2 points                         ____________

* Is the shelter in an area that already gives some natural protection from the elements ex.(under trees, flat land, or behind a cliff.)

** Does the shelter protect the people inside from wind, rain, sunburn, etc.

*** Patrols may only use tarps to put on the ground

****Patrols have 20 minutes to complete the station.

Back Woods First Aid

I All scouts in the patrol must be able to describe what to do in the following situations

· Stopped breathing
· Excessive bleeding
· Concussions
· Heat exhaustion
· Sun stroke
· Burns
· Blisters
· Snake bites
· Bee stings
· Hypothermia
· Hyperthermia

II  All members of the patrol must be able to demonstrate and explain
    what to do in the following situations

· Excessive bleeding
· Arm fracture
· Sprained ankle
· Dislocated arm
· Muscle cramps


Part I
· Answered five or less correctly 2 Points
· Answered nine or less correctly 3 points           ____________
· Answered all eleven correctly 4 points
Part II
· Answered two or less correctly 2 Points
· Answered four or less correctly 3 points           ____________
· Answered all five correctly 4 points
· Scout spirit 2 points                                           _____________
*Only fill in one grade for Part I and one for Part II

Survival Kit

At this station the scouts must pick out (from items in front of them) which items belong in a survival kit and why they are needed.

Mandatory Items to be included in kit
· Hard candy
· Band aids
· Mirror
· Whistle
· Emergency blanket
· Lighter
· Rubber gloves

Other items they have to choose from
· Flashlight
· Sleeping bag
· Video game
· Food
· Deodorant


Scout spirit 2 points                                        __________________
Get 3 or less items needed for kit 3 points       __________________
Get 5 or less items needed 5 points                  __________________
Get all needed items and were able to
Explain their importance 8 points                     __________________

Orienteering without a compass

At this station the patrol must demonstrate one way and explain another way to orient a map without using a compass. Ie. Stick and sun method, watch, stars.


· Scout spirit 2 points                                                   _______________
· Explained first method correctly 3 points                  ________________
· Demonstrated the second method correctly 5 points   ________________


Many articles of clothing should be laid out in front of the patrol and you can give them different situations to work with.

IE. Clothes that should be packed
· Socks
· Shirt
· pants
· Shoes/ boots
· Undergarments

IE. Should not be packed (for summer)
· Coat
· Snow pants
· Multiple pairs of warm clothes
· Gloves/ hat
· Heavy duty winter boots
· Cotton clothing


· Scout spirit 2 points                         ___________________

· Picked right weight clothes 3 Points ___________________

· Picked clothing containing
Little cotton (it does not
 Easily dry) 5points                               _________________

Micellaneous Wilderness survival techniques

At this station you will answer questions in a relay race style


· Scout spirit 2 points                          __________________

· Answered 50% of questions right 4 points
· Answered all questions right 8 points  __________________

Bonus Points Available

· The troop hiking in with all gear  5 points           ___________

· Receiving the best time on the
     fire building station, 5 points                          ____________

· 25% of scouts in troop that are on the
Camp out sleep in shelters supervised
By the host troop, 3 Points                                _____________

· 50%  of scouts in troop that are on the
Camp out sleep in shelters supervised
By the host troop, 6 Points                               _____________

· 75% of scouts in troop that are on the
Camp out sleep in shelters supervised
By the host troop, 8 Points                               _____________

· 100% of scouts in troop that are on the
Camp out sleep in shelters supervised
By the host troop, 10 Points                              _____________

Grading for the camp out

· Points will be deducted if patrol can not finish a station in 20 minutes

· All station scores are added together with bonus scores.

· Everyone who is going to sleep in their shelters  must have shelters inspected

· Do not use fractions in you grading

· Have the official grader of your station remain the same throughout the day so the scoring is fair for every one.