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Eagle Scouts

  1. Douglas L. S. 1976 - Graded trail, signs identifying trees, shrubs, and plants: nature walk in Jefferson Valley.
  2. Marc W. L. 1978 - New sign for Grace Lutheran Church stained, lettered, framed, and painted.
  3. Kenneth J. P. 1978 - Seven shelves to display artifacts at the Yorktown Museum.
  4. Carl J. O. 1978 -  Council pit campfire and a three-sided cooking fire, Piano Mountain.
  5. Howard J. B. 1979 - Sign and bookcase, and repaired and stained Yorktown Jewish Center Nursery School.
  6. Mitchell H. A. 1979 - Cleared and landscaped the Yorktown Jewish Center Nursery School.
  7. Michael E. K. 1979 - Bicycle Safety Rodeo, including inspections, skills, courses, and games.
  8. David J. H. 1979 - Movable display cabinet for the Yorktown Museum.
  9. James P. C. 1980 - 50 railroad ties for the Grace Lutheran Church parking lot.
  10. Jay M. G. 1981 - Portable Succah (used in the Succoth Holiday) for Temple Beth Am.
  11. John D. H. 1982 - Sealed driveway and parking lot of Yorktown Volunteer Ambulance Corps.
  12. Paul F. K. 1982 - Sanded, cleaned, and painted a lavatory at Thomas Jefferson Elementary School.
  13. Glenn F. B. 1982 - Office mailboxes for the Yorktown Volunteer Ambulance Corps.
  14. Paul F. B. 1983 - Rock garden around a statue at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Church.
  15. John F. B. 1983 - Painted the Yorktown Volunteer Ambulance Corps garage and parking lot.
  16. Thomas E. K. 1983 - Prepared computer room and organized book room, Franciscan High School. -- Interview
  17. Stephen P. K. 1983 - 1/2 mile nature trail, markers, and bird houses at Shrub Oak Memorial Park.
  18. Peter J. W. 1983 - Two Yorktown Commuter Parking Lot signs.
  19. John C. C. 1985 - Storage closet at Grace Lutheran Church.
  20. Scott A. T. 1985 - Display case and bookcase for Guiding Eyes for the Blind in Yorktown Heights.
  21. Michael A. K. 1985 - Bookcases for Thomas Jefferson Elementary School.
  22. Richard N. K. 1985 - Fixed/refinished wooden kitchen play sets, etc. at T.J. Elem. School Kindergarten.
  23. Robert M. B. 1985 - Shelving and cabinets for a walk-in closet at Grace Lutheran Church.
  24. Howard S. G. 1985. - Scoreboard, benches. Fixed baseball field, fence, base paths: T.J. Elem. School. -- The Camp Read Accident
  25. Christopher G. M. 1985 - Refurbished several dorm rooms at Guiding Eyes for the Blind.
  26. Christopher N. A. 1986 - Cleaned, patched, and painted gift shop and elevator lobby, Yorktown Museum.
  27. Steven J. C. 1986 - Painted the main building's offices and large hall at Guiding Eyes for the Blind.
  28. John C. R. 1986 - A Braille book library at Guiding Eyes for the Blind.
  29. Kenneth A. C. 1988 - Painted student dorm rooms at Guiding Eyes for the Blind.
  30. Joseph J. K. 1988 - Shelf units for several dorm rooms at Guiding Eyes for the Blind.
  31. Karl M. H. 1988 - Sanded, primed, and painted bathroom, kitchen, reception area at Grace Lutheran Church.
  32. Michael W. B. 1989 - Painted the Fellowship Hall and bathrooms at Grace Lutheran Church.
  33. Lance S. C. 1989 - Repaired and painted hallway, lobby, and pastor's office at Grace Lutheran Church.
  34. Michael B. 1991
  35. Brian D. C. 1991 - Built wooden fences along walkways and repaired paths at Guiding Eyes for the Blind.
  36. Jason P. 1995 - Cleared trails around Sparkle Lake in Yorktown Heights.
  37. Brian L. 1997 - Resurrected a nature trail and touch-and-smell garden at Charles Cook Pool in Cortlandt.
  38. Cody A. 1998 - Built benches, repaired fence, and cleaned up Sunset Hill Park in Putnam Valley.
  39. Bill F. 1998 - Scoreboard and parent/team benches for the Town of Cortlandt Little League.
  40. Ed J. 1998 - Bluebird (the State Bird but in decline) houses at Wassaic and Lafayette Multiple Use Areas.
  41. Dennis J. S. 2000 - 10x24-foot food-pantry shed for the (Catholic) Church of the Holy Spirit in Peekskill.
  42. Toshi T. 2000 - Wood Duck houses at Muscoot FarmCourt of Honor.
  43. Jason W. P. 2001 - Erosion control bars on a Sylvan Glen Park trail. Court of Honor.
  44. Daniel J. W. 2001 - Rebuilt sections of the blue trail at Turkey Mountain. Court of Honor.
  45. Patrick J. C., Jr. 2001 - Graded entrance, trimmed bushes at Hudson Highlands Gateway Park. Court of Honor.
  46. Christopher T. L. 2001 - Midnight Run: food and clothing for the homeless. Court of HonorAfter Eagle.
  47. Mark B. L. 2002 - Landscaped church yard at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Church. Court of Honor.
  48. Christopher J. C. 2003 - Blood Drive at Grace Lutheran ChurchCourt of Honor.
  49. Daniel A. M.  2004 - Improved trail and built fence at Briarcliff Manor SPCA. Court of Honor. -- Scouting History
  1. Brian D. C. 2005 - Built erosion control bars, fixed bridge, rerouted trail at Sylvan Glen Park. Court of Honor.
  2. Thomas H. L. 2005 - Kiosk, benches, board, wood chips at Sylvan Glen Park. Court of Honor. -- Scouting History.
  3. Benjamin S. C. 2005 - Refurbished a home exterior near Jersey City, NJ. (Christmas in April website). Court of Honor.
  4. Matthew S. C. 2006 - Painted library, utility rooms, elevator door at St. Columbanus Church. Court of Honor.
  5. Stephen S. G. 2006 - Power washed, painted, stained exterior at North American Martyrs Church. Court of Honor.
  6. Richard V. D. 2006 - Power wash and stain fence at The Seabury at the Field Home. Court of Honor May 26.
  7. Jason D. L. 2007 - Bridge, stream, sidewalks, flower beds at The Seabury at the Field Home. Court of Honor.
  8. Paul G. M. 2007 - Stone wall, garden, plantings at The Seabury at the Field Home. Court of Honor June 11.
  9. Kevin K. 2007 - Bench, bridge, wood chips at Hudson Highlands Gateway Park. Pending National approval. Court of Honor June 7.
  10. Karl A. R. 2007 - Green Trail Loopback at Hunterbrook Linear Park. Pending National approval. Court of Honor June 25.

Eagle Candidates

  1. Joseph A. P. - A-frame, broad jump, catwalk, crawl for Yorktown K-9 training. SM Conf. May 7, Court of Honor June 8.
  2. Jarryed L. S. - Sidewalks, patios, plantings, flower beds at The Seabury at the Field Home.  SM Conf. May 7.
  3. Roderick L. K. - Kiosk and trail construction at Hunterbrook Linear Park.  Writing up, Aug. 2006.
  4. Patrick J. C.  - Paint, repair: 2 offices, 2 bathrooms at St. Columbanus School.  Writing up, Mar. 2007.
  5. Michael R. S. - Clean woods and garden, and fix stone wall at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Church.  Underway, Dec. 2006.


  1. David P. Lerry               Oct. 1974 - July 1978 -- The Formation of the Troop
  2. Irving M. Breitbart        July 1978 - July 1984 -- Interview
  3. Steven Taillie                Jan. 1984 - July 1985
  4. Michael J. Baca            July 1985 - July 1989
  5. Jay B. Cohen                 July 1989 - July 1990
  6. Denis Horbatuk            July 1990 - Jan. 1993 -- Interview
  7. John Bohun                  Jan. 1993 - Oct. 1993
  8. Fred Paniccia               Oct. 1993 - Feb. 1995
  9. Robert Landsman        Feb. 1995 - Dec. 1998 -- Interview
  10. Christopher R. Long    Jan. 1999 - Dec. 2006
  11. Jamie Czuy                    Jan. 2007 - present

More Troop Stories

The last names of scouts who are minors are never made public on a scout website, and adult last names seldom are.  In this section and above adults publish their memories, with or without names as they choose.

Boy Scout Troop 174, Yorktown, NY.