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Greenbars Meeting Minutes

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December 2006

Klondike 26,27,28 of January sleeping in barracks $25 for trip each
Not another Klondike coming for awhile

Swim night 7:00-8:45 on the 6th

Ice climbing 19, 20, and 21 of January must be 14 and first class to go

Ski trip in February lessons and rentals are available

On the 11th Webelos are coming check with your patrol leader for assignments

October 2006

In attendance at 6:54 pm:  Scoutmaster, Chairman, SPL and scribe

Final meeting at Dale’s - date has not been determined.  All scouts should plan on attending to share past stories of the cabin and retire its use (day will be a Tuesday).

All scouts should sign up for the District Event (survivor theme) by Wednesday.  WE NEED SCOUTS.

Monthly Themes

Month        Activity                    Merit Badges

October      Nature
November  Knots and Lashings    Family Life
December  First Aid
January      Winter Camping
                    and Backpacking and Camping
February    Citizenship                   Personal Management
                    and Dodge Ball Game
March         Physical Fitness           Physical Fitness
April            Forestry                       Orienteering
May             Special cooking
June           Leadership                   Backpacking & Camping

Klondike @ Camp Smith, January 26-28, 2007; 900 slots in barracks

(Check website for deadlines to sign up to participate in events)

September 2006
In Attendance: Rod K., Dan H., Mark C., Anthony S., James H., Marek S., Ryne T., Sam N., Ben C.
Leadership patrol designations: Bobby, James, Dan, Ariel, Mark.

Calendar of Events

Reminder:  Cabin at Dale’s still operating on Tuesdays (4:30-6:00) until 12/19

Boy Scout Troop 174, Yorktown, NY.