Troop 174

Earn a Merit Badge


Details are in the Boy Scout Handbook, Chapter 7, Earning a Merit Badge.  Briefly:
  1. Select a merit badge you want to do.  This is a list of merit badges with counselors available within Troop 174.  Booklets are available from the troop merit badge library, which the troop Librarian brings to each troop meeting.  They may also be bought from the Scout Shop at 41 Saw Mill River Rd. (9A), Hawthorne, NY.  Starred* merit badges are required for Eagle.  Links are to merit badge requirements at unofficial and possibly inaccurate information at and  Names of counselors in the troop are available online. Go to the password-protected pages and click on "Merit Badge Counselors in the Troop: Name, e-mail, and phone number."  Or you may contact Vincent D., advancement chair.
  2. In addition the Merit Badge Library also has books for use with troop meeting monthly themes, at summer camp, or with counselors outside the troop.
  3. There is also a Westchester-Putnam Council merit badge counselor list.  See the troop advancement chair or the troop SPL.
  4. BSA National Council also lists requirements here.
  5. Mr. D's Merit Badge Review gives a brief, unofficial commentary on each merit badge.
  6. has requirements for merit badges as links at the bottom of the page under Merit Badge Resource Links.  This unofficial, volunteer-run website may possibly have inaccurate information.
  7. has requirements for merit badges. Scroll down to merit badge links at the bottom of the page.  This unofficial, volunteer-run website may possibly have inaccurate information.
  8. After you have selected a merit badge to do, ask the Scoutmaster for a signed merit badge application (blue card) for the merit badge.
  9. Along with another Scout, a relative, or a friend, set up and attend your first appointment with the merit badge counselor.  No one-on-one contact is permitted.  A Scout must have a buddy with him at each meeting with a merit badge counselor.
  10. When you complete your merit badge requirements, give the merit badge application signed by the counselor to the Scoutmaster.
  11. Take extra care to keep the Applicant's Record portion of the blue card you get back at the Court of Honor, because Council no longer keeps cards.
  12. Finally, if you bought your merit badge book, consider donating it to the troop merit badge library now that you are done with it.  Help keep our library up-to-date, we may have an out-of-date book to swap for you.
Here are some other ways to earn merit badges.  We try to post these opportunities on our home page as they arise.

Boy Scout Troop 174, Yorktown, NY.