Troop 174

Ward Pound Ridge Reservation
December 13-14, 2008

We spent the weekend at site #5 on Michigan Road in Pound RIdge Reservation.
We had 19 scouts and four leaders during the day and 16 scouts slept the night
The weather was cold and dry but rain earlier in the week made hiking up and down trails more like hiking up and down streams.
We visited the Leatherman's Cave, The Overlook (Cross River Reservior), and Bear Rock Petroglyphs.
The Patrols had a cooking competion for dinner, Coca Cola Chicken, Beef Stew, and Chicken Stew.  The Chicken Stew by Alex's crew won with best balanced nutrition, while the Coca Cola Chicken tasted the best.
Capture the flag turned into a free for all.  We had three fires going during the night one out side and two in the lean-too.
We had an unusually bright moon, shooting stars and satellite spottings.
The temperature was well below freezing, the thermometer said 25 deg but the weather report said 18 deg.

Photos by Mr. Davies and Mr. Kast.


Boy Scout Troop 174, Yorktown, NY.