Troop 174

I Tried SCUBA at Durland Scout Center
Feb. 8, 2004


I Tried SCUBA was an awesome experience.  Breathing underwater was very cool.  It was very easy to breath through the regulator of the air tank, because breathing is natural and that is all there was to it.  We had to learn how to clear our masks of water underwater.  That was hard.  You had to get under your mask and blow a lot of air into it to get the water out and do that with your eyes almost closed, unless you could open your eyes underwater.  Then we got to use flippers to swim around the pool, which allowed you to swim faster.  The first hour of the program was learning how to scuba dive, and the next hour of the program  was scuba diving in the pool.  At the end of the program people got to swim several laps underwater and then were allowed to explore the deep end of the pool with a certified scuba instructor, which was really fun.

Thomas L.
Troop Historian

Photos by Mr. Long, Vincent D., and Thomas L.

Boy Scout Troop 174, Yorktown, NY.