Troop 174

Gettysburg Camping Weekend
Trip Information
June 6-8, 2003



What to bring - Label everything with your name

Historic Trails Program



  1. Friday, June 6
  2. Saturday, June 7
  3. Sunday, June 8
  4. Monday, June 9


  1. Trail food - raisins, peanuts, and M & Ms mixture
  2. Friday Supper
  3. Saturday Breakfast
  4. Saturday Lunch
  5. Saturday Supper
  6. Sunday Breakfast
  7. Sunday Lunch
  8. Sunday Supper



Driving Directions

Directions to Gettysburg Youth Group Campground (From MapQuest)


From Grace Lutheran Church, down the Taconic, across Tappen Zee Bridge:

1: Start out going North on GOMER ST toward CURRY ST.   0.1 miles

2: Turn LEFT onto CURRY ST.   0.1 miles

3: Turn LEFT onto US-6 W.   1.9 miles

4: Merge onto TACONIC STATE PKWY S.   16.6 miles

5: Merge onto SAW MILL PKWY S/SAW MILL RIVER PKWY S toward YONKERS.   4.6 miles

6: Merge onto I-287 W/CROSS WESTCHESTER EXWY toward I-87.   0.6 miles

7: Merge onto NEW YORK STATE TRWY N/I-87 N toward ALBANY/TAPPAN ZEE BR (Portions toll). 18.7 miles


From Crompond and Bear Mt., across Bear Mt. Bridge, down the Palisades:

1: Intersection of Crompond Rd. and Bear Mt. State Pkwy.


3: Turn RIGHT onto US-9 N/US-202 W/US-6 W.   0.2 miles

4: Enter next roundabout and take 1st exit onto US-202 W/US-6 W.   4.2 miles

5: Enter next roundabout and take 1st exit onto PALISADES INTERSTATE PKWY S/US-6 W.   0.2 miles

6: Stay straight to go onto PALISADES INTERSTATE PKWY S/US-6 W.  17.8 miles

7: Merge onto NEW YORK STATE TRWY N/I-87 N/I-287 W via exit 9W toward ALBANY (Portions toll). 8.9 miles


Merged directions:

8: Merge onto I-287 S via exit number 15.   46.9 miles

9: Merge onto I-78 W via exit number 21B toward EASTON PA (Portions toll).   107.4 miles

10: Merge onto I-81 S via the exit- on the left- toward HARRISBURG.   19.0 miles

11: Merge onto I-83 S via exit number 70- on the left- toward YORK.   9.2 miles

12: Merge onto PA-581 W/HARRISBURG EXWY via exit number 41A on the left toward CAMP HILL. 2.3 miles

13: Take the US-11 S exit- exit number 5B- toward GETTYSBURG. 0.2 miles

14: Merge onto US-15 S.   30.9 miles

15: Take the US-30 W exit toward GETTYSBURG.   0.2 miles

16: Merge onto US-30.   2.0 miles

17: Enter next roundabout and take 3rd exit (South) onto US-15 BR/BALTIMORE ST/PA-116. 0.1 miles

18: Turn RIGHT (West) onto W MIDDLE ST/PA-116.   0.7 miles

19: Turn LEFT (South) onto W Confederate Ave.  0.6 miles

20: Turn RIGHT (West) onto Youth Group Campground  0.2 miles


Total Distance: 257 miles
Total Estimated Time: 4 hours, 30 minutes

Boy Scout Troop 174, Yorktown, NY.