2001 Klondike Derby
Manitoga District
Westchester-Putnam Council, BSA
Saturday, January 27, 2001
FDR State Park
Yorktown Heights, NY


8 to 9 am                 registration
9 am                        stations open
12 to 12:30 pm        lunch
2 pm                        stations close
2:15 pm                   sled races
3 pm                        closing


    Emergency first aid is located at Klondike HQ at the stone building near parking lot #1.

    Klondike HQ will be heated by a fireplace and portable heaters, and will be available to anyone needing to warm up.

    Scoring will be on a 10 point basis per station.  100 total points.  Check in and lunch are considered stations.

    Hot chocolate will be available all day at Klondike HQ.  ALL participants MUST bring their own mug. NO throwaways!!  FDR Park is a carry in/carry out park.

    Donuts will be provided to all participants after the sled races and before closing ceremonies.

    Patches will be distributed to all paid participants.  Participation ribbons will be presented to all patrols and troops.  Trophies will be awarded to the top three patrols.


    The goals of our Klondike Derby are to give our scouts the opportunity to interact with scouts from other troops, to test our scout skills, and to have FUN!!

Patrol equipment
patrol flag
Klondike sled
fire building materials (homemade fire starters are permitted)
1 gallon drinking water (This is in addition to the donated water.)
#10 can or pot to boil water in
4 six foot long poles
6 ten foot long lengths of rope
patrol first aid kit, including triangular bandages, compresses and splint materials
blanket or sleeping bag
backpack stove or equivalent to boil water for lunch.  NO ground fires are permitted.
hot chocolate, cup-o-soup, etc. for lunch
hand ax
file to sharpen ax
pencil, paper, and clipboard
Boy Scout Handbook
garbage bag -  FDR is a carry in/carry out park.

Personal equipment
dress in layers prepared for the winter weather, avoid cotton
winter footgear, NO sneakers
rain gear
day pack
canteen of water
extra socks
mug for hot chocolate
spoon for soup

Station instructions
    Maximum score per station is 10 points.
    Scouts may use the Boy Scout Handbook as a reference.
    Scout spirit and teamwork should be taken into consideration when scoring a patrol's effort.
    Deduct points from patrols that are not prepared with necessary equipment.
    Warn adults, who accompany patrols, that points will be deducted if they coach patrols.
    Patrol scores will be recorded by the station Mayor on the station score sheet.
    The decision of the station Mayor is final.
    Lunch is a scored activity.  Between 12 noon and 12:30 pm all activities will stop except for lunch.  Station Mayors are to score lunch.  Inspect patrols to be sure they have prepared something hot, such as hot chocolate, cup-o-soup, etc.  Also be sure patrols clean up all refuse.  Record lunch score on the station score sheet.

Check in - North Pole

Check in, registration, and inspection
    Prior to a long Klondike sled adventure, you must make sure you are well prepared for the adventure you are about to undertake.  Since this is the start and the end of your trek, please present yourself ready for today's tasks.
Scoring considerations
*  presented your patrol's contribution to our event.
        1 gallon of store bought fresh water in sealed container, and 3 logs for our fire.
*  sled contains all of the equipment requested for use in the Klondike Derby.
*  equipment is properly secured to prevent it from falling off during the day's travels.

Lunch - on the trail

Prepare your lunch
    When in the wilderness, a hot meal is an important thing.  Each patrol should at least boil water to allow everyone in the patrol to have a hot drink or soup.  Stoves are allowed.  The patrol should stop near a station and eat lunch between 12 noon and 12:30 pm.  All stations will be closed during that time.  Have the station Mayor score this activity for you before you leave.
Scoring considerations
*  preparation - The proper materials were available, prepare hot water for each scout in the patrol to get something hot with their lunch.
*  teamwork, scout spirit, and fun - The patrol worked together to complete the task and enjoy the lunch break.
*  Clean up after lunch, taking all refuse with you.

Check points

number     score                              station

            ______   check in - patrol and personal equipment inspected

            ______   lunch - 12 noon to 12:30 pm - hot lunch required

    1      ______   safe ax use - sharpen ax then split match

    2      ______    fire building - patrol required to boil water

    3      ______    ice rescue - lashing skills

    4      ______   tandem snowshoes - knot tying skills

    5      ______    emergency transportation

    6      ______    emergency shelter building

    7      ______    map and compass

    8      ______    first aid

           ______     total score

For your records:  official scores are recorded at stations by Mayors.

Station 1  -  Saskatchewan
            safe ax use  -  sharpen an ax then split a match
    Preparation of firewood is an important task in the wilderness.  A good sharp ax is a critical tool that can have many uses, not only for chopping firewood, but also for shelter building and preparing useful camp gadgets.  Safely demonstrate the correct techniques for sharpening an ax and other sharp tools.  Demonstrate your ability to accurately strike the ax on a desired target by splitting a match.
Scoring considerations
*  preparation - The proper materials were available to complete the task.
*  skills - The proper methods were demonstrated for handling an ax and sharpening it.
*  safety - Proper safety was maintained in all aspects of the task.
*  teamwork, Scout spirit, and fun - The patrol worked together to complete the tasks in a safe and enjoyable way.
*  SAFETY is the #1 rule.  If you act unsafely you will be disqualified and your patrol will be penalized.

Station 2  -  Alaska
            fire building and boil water
    In the wilderness, there is no more important skill than the ability to start a fire and maintain it to prepare your food.  This station tests your ability to start a fire using natural materials and make it burn long enough to boil one cup of water (8 oz.).  Homemade fire starters are allowed, but no commercial fire starters should be used.
scoring considerations
*  preparation - Proper materials were available to start the fire.
*  safety - Care should be taken to assure no injuries are likely during all of the activities at this station.
*  teamwork, Scout spirit, and fun - Everyone participated in collecting materials and preparing the fire.  They cooperated well.
*  speed - A reasonable fire to support boiling water was started quickly, and the water was boiled.
*  clean up ALL debris

Station 3  -  Alberta
            ice rescue (lashing skills)
    During the winter, often ice that seems strong can break and cause someone to get in cold water.  Quick response and careful execution of the rescue can save the life of the victim and prevent others from joining the victim by falling in themselves.  Join several poles using a round lash to create an extended pole which can be used to safely reach a victim.
Scoring considerations
*  preparation - Poles and rope are available to lash several poles together to make a long pole.
*  quality of the lashes - The lashes are tied correctly and they allow the poles to remain secure throughout the rescue.
*  teamwork, Scout spirit, and fun - The whole patrol participated and worked together to quickly complete the task.
*  safety - The patrol worked quickly, but they were careful to prevent anyone in the patrol from joining the victim.
*  speed - The task was completed quickly to assist the victim.

Station 4  -  Manitoba
            tandem snowshoes (knot tying skills)
    Snowshoes will help you make your way over deep snow.  With members of your patrol, demonstrate your snowshoe skills using tandem snowshoes that will be provided.  When you inspect these tandem snowshoes you discover that the bindings are in need of repair.  Joining short pieces of rope to make a longer piece requires the correct knots to make a secure connection.  At this station you will need to add a piece of rope using the correct knot.  You will then need to work with a teammate to move together and complete a short course in your snowshoes.
Scoring considerations
*  knowledge - The ability to complete the required knots existed within the patrol.
*  quality - The correct knots were tied accurately.
*  teamwork, Scout spirit, and fun - The patrol worked together as a team to complete the task in an enjoyable way.

Station 5  -  Aleutian Islands
            emergency transportation
    In the wilderness if someone is injured and they cannot move on their own, the patrol must be capable of providing the right methods of assistance to help the injured person to get to safety.  Demonstrate your emergency transportation skills using materials you have on your sled to transport a member of your patrol.  At this station you will need to demonstrate how to correctly transport a victim using several different emergency transportation methods.
Scoring considerations
*  preparation - The proper materials were available to make the requested emergency transportation possible.
* quality - The transport was completed in a way that would minimize any additional injuries to the victim.
*  safety - Care was taken to assure that the victim and those providing the transportation were safe.
*  teamwork, Scout spirit, and fun - The patrol worked together to complete the tasks and cooperated throughout.

Station 6  -  British Columbia
            emergency shelter building
    When in the woods overnight preparing a good shelter can be the difference between life and death.  You must be able to build different shelters based on the available materials and the weather conditions.
Scoring considerations
*  preparation - The proper materials were available to build the required shelters.
*  quality - The shelters were strong enough to resist the weather conditions defined by the task.
*  teamwork, Scout spirit, and fun - The patrol worked together to quickly prepare the required shelters.

Station 7  -  Ontario
            map and compass
    Being able to correctly read a map and use a compass are important wherever you travel, but may be necessary to save your life in the wilderness.  Correctly identifying where you are and which direction you should head are important skills.  At this station your patrol will show that they can correctly handle a map and compass.
Scoring considerations
*  preparation - The proper materials were available to complete the required tasks.
*  knowledge - The patrol possessed the knowledge to complete the required tasks.
*  quality - They correctly executed the required tasks.
*  teamwork, Scout spirit, and fun - The patrol worked as a team to quickly and accurately complete the tasks in an enjoyable way.

Station 8  -  Yukon
            first aid
    When alone in the woods you must be prepared to deal with a wide variety of accidents or emergencies that require good first aid skills.  At this station your patrol must be able to complete the required first aid to correctly meet the needs of the victim.  Work quickly and carefully to make sure the victim gets the best possible care.
Scoring considerations
*  preparation - The proper materials were available on the sled to provide basic first aid support.
*  knowledge - The patrol was able to correctly identify the proper first aid for the situations at this station.
*  quality - The care was thorough and would have given the victim the best possible help.
*  teamwork, Scout spirit, and fun - The patrol worked together to provide the first aid, and shared the tasks.

Sled races

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