Troop 174

Appalachian Trail Hike

June 9-10, 2001

What to Do

There will be a need for parent volunteers to drop-off and pick-up both day and overnight hikers.  From the scoutmaster: Please make sure you all have plenty of water to carry with you. It is supposed to be warm and we do not need anyone dehydrating.
Meet Saturday, 8.30 a.m. at Sperling Center at Clear Lake Scout Reservation, North Shore Rd., Putnam Valley. Call Robert B. it you need to find a ride. Car pool if you can.

Transport: The hike will begin at the RPH shelter (near the Miller Hill Road exit off the Taconic State Parkway). We will need two more cars or vans to take hikers from Clear Lake to RPH. If necessary we will be able to return to RPH on Saturday afternoon to retrieve any cars left there.

Gear: Hikers will carry a day pack with gear for a day hike from RPH to the campsite we will be using at Clear Lake. (see pages 204 to 210 of The Boy Scout Handbook for a description and list of gear to bring), including lunch, snack (trail mix or dried fruit), water (1-2 bottles), compass, flashlight, and a poncho (or a raincoat if rain). Overnight camping gear and patrol food will be left at the Sperling Center at Clear Lake on Saturday morning. Mr. Long will transport this gear and food along with tents and patrol cooking equipment to a spot close to the campsite. We will then carry this gear to the campsite. (See pages 224 to 231 of The Boy Scout Handbook for a description and list of overnight personal gear to bring)

Food: To give everyone a chance to pass Second and First Class cooking requirements we will be cooking in patrols. The patrols for cooking purposes will be:

* Dinner Cooks
** Breakfast Cooks
Adults will bring their own food.

Please call your patrol members or meet at Thursday night's troop meeting to work out a menu, a food list and decide what food each patrol member should bring (See pages 257 to 283 of The Boy Scout Handbook for all the information you need about food and cooking)

Other Requirements: The following requirements can be met on the hike and overnight camp:

Please let Robert B. or Mr. Long know which of these requirements (or any other requirements) you would like to pass.


Pick-up on Sunday 6/10/01 at 11.00 a.m.: Clear Lake Scout Reservation, North Shore Rd., Putnam Valley unless announced otherwise.

Boy Scout Troop 174, Yorktown, NY.
Last revised June 10, 2001