Trekoree 2000 map checkpoints

  1. Sign in at Glenville Park on Skeggs Road off Benedict Avenue in Tarrytown.  Map Coordinate G-5.
  2. "Out of the Woods" where the Saw Mill Trail comes down to the Parkway just South of the Eastview Exit.  Coordinate F-6.
  3. Road Crossing at head of Tarrytown Lakes below Marymount.  Cross as a Troop.  Rest station with fire truck.  This is roughly the half-way Point.  Coordinate F-4.
  4. Turn East just short of County House Road.  Coordinates (E-F)-4.
  5. Road Crossing into Old Croton Aqueduct Trail.  Coordinates (E-F)-3.
  6. Follow trail across Gory Brook Road, heading North towards bridge over Route 117.  Coordinates (C-D-E)-3.
  7. Cross bridge over 117.  Head Northwest towards Arch Hill Bridge over Route 9.  Coordinates (C-B-A)-3.
  8. Cross Route 9 bridge.  Follow trail around S-shaped Curves over 5 separate foot bridges towards State Park on River.  Coordinates (A-B)-2.
  9. Reach end.  Check in for campsite assignments with Commissioners.  Coordinates A-2