Troop 174

Scouting Photography
Rule Of Thirds

Place the subject if you can at one of 4 dots, 1/3 down or 1/3 up and either 1/3 from the left or 1/3 from the right.  Failing that, place the subject on a line 1/3 in from the edge of the frame.  Do not center the subject in the frame.

Explanation of the Rule of Thirds from Guidelines for Better Composision, Composition Basics, Composition Refresher, Rule of Thirds Lesson, Edwin Leong, Lessons in Composition, Creativity and the Rule of Thirds, and John Longenecker.

See also how expert photgraphers portray Rule of Thirds: Pony Express School, Rule of Thirds 1, Rule of Thirds 2, Rule of Thirds 3, Beginner Rule of Thirds 3, Beginner Rule of Thirds 2007, Rule of Thirds 2007 Landscapes.

Yes, place subject on dot (or line)                             No, do not center the subject



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