Troop 174

Patrol Duty Roster Description of Duties

A good duty roster will assign equal work for everyone.It will help maintain order and everyone will know their assigned duties and not have to worry that they are doing more than their share.Everyone will be assured the opportunity to be an active member of the patrol.


Cooks: Cooks may have to breakaway from an activity early in order to start the meal.

Prepare and serve the meal ON TIME; put away extra food and put trash from the food preparation in the trash; rinse pots as you finish with them, put wash and rinse water on to heat up during the meal; dump hot grease before they eat; assure everyone receives an equal portion (either serve the food to patrol members and guests or tell everyone the amount they can have).The cooks serve themselves last.Try to have everything ready on time and at the same time.Lead Patrol in Grace.


Clean up: Wash the dishes; wipe down the stove, tables, and food preparation area; put away the clean dishes; dump dirty dish water (if needed) in sump; hang dish cloths so they can dry and secure the dinning area.No dirty dishes are to be left and all food is to be put away.

Fireman: Check with cooks to see what type of fire is needed. If the meal is to be cooked over an open fire, the scout may have to breakaway from an activity early in order to establish a good fire for the cooks. Collect a wood supply adequate to cook the meal. If stoves are being used, set up and fuel stoves. After meal put out fire and/or put away stoves.

Campsite: Check condition of ax yard, fire pit, lantern mantels, latrine (patrol and Troop); and dining fly and kitchen sump. Get Down Bear Bags before meal and hang them after meal.

Waterman: Get sufficient water for the meal including drinking, cooking and cleanup water. Should be available during the meal in case cooks need more water. If necessary water should be filtered or treated in time to be used for the meal. Refil water containers after the meal.

Everyone: Pick up trash in camp; straighten up personal gear; check condition of tent.Make sure the area is secured for expected weather conditions. 

Remember more hands will make the work easier.The patrol members are not dismissed to attend other activities until the kitchen and patrol areas are secured.

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Boy Scout Troop 174, Yorktown, NY.