Version 2 makes it EVEN easier and EVEN MORE FLEXIBLE!

It also fixes a few bugs:

NOTE: This form replaces my "flexform" script and my "flexform_mail" script. If you came looking for those, you're in the right place!

This nifty little script does everything. It allows you to process an unlimited number of forms using only one script; but its coolest feature is its flexibility.

You only have to change two variables in the script, and the rest is handled in a simple configuration file. All you do is create a form as you normally would, and the script reads the input fields and assembles them into an output file for you (if you want), then (if you want) it e-mails the results to you as well, and (if you want), it e-mails the user thanking them. Then it redirects them to a thank you page.

For example, the form below asks for your name, your email address and your favorite color. The script reads those three variables, and it reads your answers to them, and it assembles them in an output file, and it redirects the user to a page informing them they're done.


Here's how it works:

I've put the form together:
Favorite color: Blue
Pete Rose Pink

The form above is fully operational, and you can also click here to see the results it generates.

You can include any number of fields, with any number of different combinations of radio boxes, check boxes, textareas, text inputs, password inputs and any other kind of form input -- you don't have to worry about configuring the form, it configures itself!

What could be easier?

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