Minutes of the March 5,2007 Troop 174 Parent Meeting


Lorraine Long, Mike Gambro, Tim Peterson, Eric Reyes, Jamie Dean,

Joyce Bendavid, Janet Toto, Nicole Eissa, Sal Bossio, Adrienne and Josh Davies, Tracy Bruce, Margaret Lipscomb, Anne Coleman, Leslie Mansell, Chrissy Czuy, Charles Keelser, Rita Sharples, Mike Saccomanno, Lauren Grabowski, Rob Carlson, Ilene Salzman, Sue Faselle, Karen Maulen, Pete Hoernes, Charlene and Steven Woods

THANK YOU TO ALL WHO ATTENDED.!!! What an exciting turn out!

REMINDER: Our troop website is troop174.info for those of you who are not familiar. Please check the website often as dates etc can change. Thank you to the Margaret and Jim L. for their service to our troop. The Council website is wpcbsa.org.

ALSO please remember that Grace is a house of worship and we need to respect the facility as if it were our own place inside and out.

The meeting began with the boys for a presentation about the Boy Scout Camp opportunities and about FRIENDS OF SCOUTING. The Presentation was done by Scoutmaster Emeritus and District Chair, Chris Long.

Reminder that our troop summer camp coordinators are Nicole E. and Janet T. They informed everyone that the paperwork involved for summer camp registration is on the web and download-able. Please realize that the amount of time required to fill out the application is a bit lengthy and it was recommended that you don’t wait until the last minute. Nicole and Janet will alert families when paperwork will be accepted. NOTE: If any parent is planning to attend, please remember that YOU ALSO need a physical form updated and filled out.

INDOOR CLIMBING is next Thursday, the 15. The money was due last week but due to the snow cancellation, please pay asap to RITA. Signed permission slip and waiver ARE NECESSARY. Please check the web.

NEW SCOUT EXECUTIVE was elected this past weekend and we welcome MARK ANDREU (?) to the Manitoga District.

ORDER OF THE ARROW is the National Honor Society of Boy Scouting and our own Rob C ., Lodge Advisor, gave a presentation of the OA program. He explained the guidelines for eligibility, a bit of the ordeal, ceremony, and the service required for continued growth within AO.

SCUBA program is being offered through council and the YMCA for any 14 year old and older and parents. The cost is quite reasonable at $195-210 for the 10 week program Please speak to Manny if you are interested. It begins 3/16. Check the website for details.

TROOP TRAINING is offered for any family new to troop 174, anyone new to scouting or someone who needs re-certification. Bob A., has tapes available as well as the trainings that are available on the council website. Some of the available topics are Youth Protection (which is a MUST for 174 parents)Fast start, Safe Swim, Organization, Transition, Elements of scouting….and many more.

FINANCIALLY Rita reports we are in good shape with a $4000 balance.

NEW TROOP HATS should be available at our next meeting. Cost needs to be confirmed.

PATROL PATCHES were a topic of discussion and Pete suggested that even if your son doesn’t have one at this point, wait until they are available in September.

UNIVERSITY OF SCOUTING is for Youth and Adults interested in finding out more about the runnings and elements of scouting. Check the web for more information.

: Check the web regularly……….

March 15 Rock climbing

March 16 SCUBA class

March 24/25 Service Weekend at

March 26 Court of Honor for rank achievement


April 13 JASON LONG’S Eagle Court of Honor

April 16 Next PARENT meeting

April 18 SWIM night

April 21 HIKING

May 14 Gym night

SCOUTMASTER’S REPORT - Garrison was a great weekend which lead to a discussion of some unfortunate choices by some of the older scout. Jamie assured us that it is being handled.

NOTE: PLEASE make sure that all new scouts have the SCOUT handbook.

Respectfully Submitted,

Karen M.