Parent Meeting Minutes

October 16, 2006

Boy Scout Troop 174

Grace Lutheran Church

Yorktown Heights, NY



1.      Manny A.

2.      Bob A., Training Coordinator and Youth Protection Unit Facilitator

3.      Brian B.

4.      Tracy B.

  1. Candace C., Apparel Coordinator
  2. Josh D.
  3. Jamie D.
  4. Vinny D., Advancement Chairman
  5. Lauren G.
  6. Peter H., Committee Chairman
  7. Jim L., Troop Webmaster

12.  Margaret L.

  1. Chris L., Scoutmaster
  2. Karen M., Fundraising Chairman

15.  Roger N.

16.  Bob R., Equipment Coordinator

17.  Michael S., Sr.

18.  Zoltan S.

19.  Rita S., Treasurer

20.  Leland T.

21.  Janet T.

22.  Dave Z.


Meeting chaired by Peter H., Committee Chairman.


Meeting was called to order about 7:40 p.m.


Eagle Scout Leadership Service Project Proposal

Scoutmaster Chris L. introduced Life Scout Karl R. who presented his Eagle Scout Leadership Service Project Proposal.  Karl proposed doing trail construction at the Hunterbrook Linear Park in Yorktown.  This is the same park where Roderick K. did his Eagle project.  After Karl answered questions and parents discussed his proposal, Karl’s project was approved by the parents.  Karl plans to begin and finish his project this fall.


Treasurer’s Report

Rita S., Treasurer, distributed our troop’s year-to-date balance sheet dated 9/1/05.  The current balance is $4,233.20.


Council still needs to send Rita the scouts’ Bowl-O-Ree money, which will be put into the individual scout accounts.  Money from the scout accounts may be used by the scout to purchase scouting equipment or to pay scouting fees, such as summer camp.  Scout account deposits come from the scout portion of the Bowl-O-Ree fees and Popcorn sales.


Scoutmaster’s Report

Scoutmaster Chris L. talked about the small US flags that our scouts folded last week.  Each folded flag was put into a small plastic bag with a note that says, “A flag for your pocket so you can always carry a little piece of home.  We are praying for you and we are proud of you.  Thank you for defending our country and our freedom."  Each note was signed (first name only) by a scout who wrote his Boy Scout rank next to his name.  Scoutmaster L,’s son, Christopher, is currently serving in the US Marines Corps in a dangerous area in Iraq.  The flags will be mailed to Christopher in Iraq, and he will distribute the flags to his fellow Marines.


Parents were reminded that scouts and adults must sign up before the deadline for events/activities.


Stephen G. still needs to schedule his Eagle Scout Court of Honor.


Seven Life Scouts (Paul M., Kevin K., Rick D., Jason L., Jarryed S., Roderick K., and Joe P.) have completed their Eagle Scout Leadership Service Projects, but need to complete some merit badges and/or write up their Eagle project before their Eagle Scout Board of Review.


Three Life Scouts will be ready soon to present their Eagle Scout proposal.


Committee Chairman’s Report

Thunderbird Games   October 13-15, 2006

We had a total of 13 scouts and 10 adults participants.  Our troop ran the bouncing ball game at the Thunderbird Games.  Several scouts camped overnight on Friday and/or Saturday night and worked on rank requirements.  The scouts “had a blast”.


Leadership Weekend   September 29-October 1, 2006

14 scouts participated.  The weekend went well and the scouts learned a lot.  The troop needs to use the patrol method more.  Future leadership plans are being worked on.

New patrols

New patrols have been formed by Jamie C., our future Scoutmaster.  The Eagle patrol wants to change its name.

Popcorn sales, Scouting for Food

Our troop will not participate this year in Council’s popcorn sale or its Scouting for Food project.

District Fall Event “Survivor Weekend”   November 3-5, 2006

Only a few scouts have registered.  There was a discussion as to why the registration is low.  Parents said their sons have busy schedules, and some scouts and parents did not know details about the weekend.  The deadline for signing up was extended to Wednesday.


It is a scout’s responsibility read the troop website often and to sign up for events/activities.


Council Klondike   January 26-28, 2007

This will be an overnight event at Camp Smith.


Communication among the boys needs to be improved.


Trip to Washington, D. C. Spring 2007

The dates are to be decided.  Planning needs to begin as soon as possible.  There is a lot that can be done in the Washington area, so a long weekend will be required.  Volunteers are needed to organize this troop trip.


Troop apparel

A volunteer is needed within 60 days to become the new troop apparel coordinator to replace Candace C.  Candace’s son is in the 12th grade, and she will cease being the troop apparel coordinator soon.


Troop hats that were sold this year were defective and will be replaced.  The defective hats were stored in the church’s attic and were probably damaged by being in prolonged high heat conditions.  A sign up for those who need a replacement troop hat will be put on the troop’s website.


The meeting adjourned at approximately 8:50 p.m.


Next Parent Meeting

Our next Parent Meeting is scheduled for Monday, November 6, 2006 beginning at

7:30 p.m. at Grace Lutheran Church.


Respectfully submitted by Mrs. Margaret L., Committee Member