Troop 174

Detailed Directions to the Clear Lake Pavilion
If This Is Your First Time


Directions to Clear Lake: Click on 1 Clear Lake to get a map and directions to Clear Lake Scout Reservation in Putnam Valley.  Be sure to scroll down to the bottom of the map to see the written directions.

Peekskill Hollow Road is one way to go.

Feel free to print and bring this Clear Lake trail map, too.  There are 1,400 acres at Clear Lake and this trail map shows all the trails.

At the entrance to Clear Lake Scout Reservation there are a large wooden triangular sign that states "Clear Lake Scout Reservation - Westchester Putnam Council, BSA", and two totem poles.  The boys and adults in our troop carved both totem poles.  It took about two and one half years.  See the photograph of the triangular Clear Lake sign at the top of this page.

Turn right onto Clear Lake's dirt road, and in about 1/4 mile drive past the Ranger's house on the right.  About 0.5 mile from Clear Lake's entrance, stop at the stop sign.  The Campmaster's Cabin, parking lot, and latrine building are on the left.  The Campmaster's Cabin is a new log cabin next to a large gravel parking lot.  Park in the parking lot adjacent to the Campmaster's Cabin and check in with the Campmaster.  Check in means to tell the Campmaster that you are a member of "Troop 174 in Yorktown Heights" and that you have come for their event.  You may request a Clear Lake map from him and ask him for directions to the Pavilion behind Sperling Center, if needed.

There is a nice latrine in the small building at the rear of the Campmaster parking lot.  It is for both men and women to use, so please take turns.  There are separate latrines for men and women near the Pavilion, but they are old, primitive and rustic styled, and have no sinks, hot water, or paper towels.

From the Campmaster Cabin continue driving down the dirt road, go past the clusters of log cabins on the left and right, and drive to the Sperling Center parking lot at the end of the road.  It is about 1 mile from the entrance of Clear Lake Scout Reservation to the Sperling Center parking lot.  Drive cautiously near the cabins because there are usually many children in this area.  Sperling Center is a wooden pavilion next to a large dirt parking lot.  Do not drive down either of the two camp roads that exit from the parking lot.  One is labeled for authorized vehicles only, and the other goes past Sperling Center (dotted road on this map).

The Pavilion is a large, open-sided wood building less than a 1/4 mile walk from Sperling Center.

After parking in the Sperling Center parking lot, follow our troop members who are walking to the Pavilion.  If there is no one to follow, wait a few minutes to see if someone arrives.  To walk to the Pavilion, walk down the camp road next to Sperling Center.  It is the dotted road on this map.  You should hear voices from the nearby Pavilion, which will be on the right over a small hill.  Some people from our troop may arrive early.

As you walk down the camp road past Sperling Center in about 300 feet you will see two old, wooden, primitive/rustic styled latrines on the right.  They are about 100 to 200 feet off the road to the right.  One latrine is for men, and one is for women.  To get to the Pavilion walk on the small footpath between the latrine buildings and over the small hill, or to avoid the hill continue a few hundred feet down the camp road and turn right onto the truck pathway.  This way is more level, but a few hundred feet farther.  As soon as you walk over the small hill you will see the Pavilion area.  There is a large established campfire ring next to the Pavilion.  Our event will be in this Pavilion area.

Boy Scout Troop 174, Yorktown, NY.