1.                   All reservations must be made through the Knox Trail Council Service Center, 490 Union Ave., Framingham, MA  01702 (508) 872-6551.

2.                   Cancellations received 30+ from the date of use will be refunded at 100%.  Cancellations received 29-2 days will be refunded at 50% or may apply their fees to another weekend. Cancellations received less than 48 hours prior to arrival (except for severe weather) will forfeit all fees.



1.                   A minimum of two registered adult leaders, or one adult and a parent of a participating Scout, one of whom must be at least 21 years of age or older, are required for all trips or outings.  Coed overnight activities require male and female adult leaders, both of whom must be 21 years of age or older.

2.                   National BSA policy requires that male and female campers have segregated sleeping arrangements.

3.                   Cub Scout Packs are required to meet standards of the Guide to Safe Scouting in regards to age/supervision/guidelines for Cub camping.

4.                   Leaders must arrive in camp together.  Groups arriving with only one leader will not be permitted to remain in camp

5.                   Please review these rules and regulations with all the members in your group.



1.                   The group leader MUST check in with the Camp Ranger or Campmaster BEFORE seeking access to their reserved facility.

2.                   Outstanding balances or camper fees, if any, are to be reconciled with the Camp Ranger or Campmaster at this time.

3.                   The group leader and Camp Ranger or Campmaster will review a check in list for the facility.

4.                   Camping and group programs are allowed only in reserved areas and those assigned by the Camp Ranger or Campmaster.

5.                   All groups are responsible for any and all damage done to camp property by the group during their stay.  Fees for damage are based on occurrence, and arrangements for payment or repair must be made with the Camp Ranger or Campmaster before departure.

6.                   All groups must check out with the Camp Ranger or Campmaster before departure.

7.                   It is expected that all facilities used will be cleaned, and that adequate firewood, if used, will be replenished before departure.



1.                   Vehicles are permitted to travel only on designated roads and ALL vehicles are to be parked in designated parking lots.

2.                   At Nobscot, ALL vehicles are permitted in parking lots ONLY. All gear and equipment must be hiked in and out.

3.                   The speed limit in camp, whether posted or not, is 5 MPH.

4.                   NO riders in the beds of trucks.  Seat belts must be worn per compliance with state law.

5.                   Lock all vehicles. The camp/council is not responsible for items left in vehicles.



1.                   Water is available from either wells or the Camp Ranger’s residence (Resolute) depending on the season.  Check with the Camp Ranger or Campmaster at check in for the locations where water will be available. Please be sure to bring containers to carry water for they are not available at camp.

2.                   Do not leave garbage in firepits, or latrines. Do not bury any garbage.

3.                   Groups must carry out all garbage at Nobscot and Hemenway.

4.                   Groups at Robsham must bring all garbage to the dumpster behind the Ranger’s workshop.



1.                   Use of compressed, or liquid gas stoves or lanterns is permitted with knowledgeable adult supervision, in facilities only when and where permitted, and in accordance with the Guide to Safe Scouting.

2.                   NO FLAMES IN TENTS OR LEANTOS!


4.                   Fires must be supervised at all times in accordance with the Knox Trail Council Fire Policy.  At departure make sure all fires are “dead out.”



NO Alcoholic beverages or illegal substances                          NO firearms, archery equipment, or ammunition

NO fireworks                                                                                        NO pets of any kind

NO snowmobiles, dirt bikes, four wheelers, etc.                       NO sheath knives

NO harassment or “pranking” other groups                                         NO running, night games

NO aerosol cans in camp                                                                 NO open flames in tents/lean-tos

DO NOT throw things into the lakes                                                      DO NOT disturb wildlife or their habitat

DO NOT cut, dig, deface or destroy trees or plants                      DO NOT litter – A Scout is Clean!

NO ice fishing or ice skating without permission of Ranger  The Project C.O.P.E. is OFF LIMITS at all times


NO SMOKING IN ANY BUILDING OR STRUCTURE! Smoking is only permitted in designated areas. Do not litter; take your butts with you! The National Council, BSA recommends NO SMOKING at any event with youth present.


CHAINSAWS may only be used by adults with permission by the Camp Ranger.



Notify the Camp Ranger or Campmaster immediately for: 1. All injuries – no matter how small      2.  Suspicious looking or acting person(s)

3. Lost person(s)                4. Fire                     5. Injured or sick animals – do not approach                              


AQUATICS-BSA Groups must comply with the Guide to Safe Scouting before conducting ANY Aquatic Activities.

1.                   Aquatic activities are permitted only at Robsham. All aquatic activities involving scouts must be conducted through the BSA Safe Swim Defense Plan.

2.                   Only camp supplied boats and canoes are permitted to be used and only with prior approval.  BSA Safety Afloat guidelines must be maintained.

3.                   All boating/canoeing participants must wear a personal floatation device (PFD) at all times.

4.                    Non-BSA groups must provide certified lifeguard(s) and special arrangements must be made with the council prior to the activity.