Knox Trail Council, BSA

490 Union Ave.

Framingham, MA 01702


Outdoor Fire Policy


The purpose of the Outdoor Fire Policy stated below is to limit the size of all outdoor fires used in conjunction with BSA related program elements on properties owned and operated by the Knox Trail Council, Boy Scouts of America.


The rational for this policy is summarized as follows;


        To protect the health and safety of all Scouts, Scouters and visitors participating in programs requiring the use of a fire or fires on the aforementioned properties.


        To reduce the risk of damage to the property as well as the properties of our abutting neighbors and the associated liability resulting from such damage.


        To conform to state fire regulations as they pertain to outdoor fires.


        To conform to all EPA and OSHA regulations as pertaining to outdoor burning and incineration of materials that may be considered hazardous.



Outdoor Fire Policy


1.      Fire Lay

No fire lay in excess of 6 in diameter and 5 in height will be permitted on properties owned and operated by the Knox Trail Council, BSA without the express written permission of the Council Camping Committee and the appropriate property superintendent (Ranger/Caretaker).


The Ranger/Caretaker will have the right to restrict the use of fires on the property for whatever reason deemed appropriate.


2.       Combustibles

All combustibles used in construction of any fire lay for use with Scouting related program element will be natural and clean. Combustibles that have been contaminated by paint, solvents, creosote or other preservative chemicals may not be used.


3.       Fire Starters/Accelerants

In accordance with BSA policy, the use of liquid or chemical fuels to start or accelerate any fire is prohibited.



Approved: 5/27/97

Council Camping Committee